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Our clients are our partners whose needs and aspirations drive and govern our practice. Focused client relationships are important-above all they help us to build a bigger picture and gain a greater understanding of their issues and requirements.

A.R. Ramachandran
Founder & Managing Partner

About Ethics Plus

Why Ethics Plus

A firm with focus and attention to detail

Our mission is to always strive for excellence in providing accounting, auditing and consultancy services through superior value creation and technology, create rewarding career opportunities and maintain sound professional and financial standards.

Our vision is to steadily increase the value of our firm and our portfolio of diversified clients by exceeding clients’ expectations and achieving market leadership and operating excellence, in every segment of our firm.

What sets us apart is the way we invest in our relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership. We are probably best known for our rounded approach. Our advice is incisive, pragmatic and direct and all that we do is underpinned by our values:

Efficiency - Only the best candidates will be hired as a team member. This helps the firm to maintain high level of professional and technological efficiency.

Team work – Our success depends upon all personnel committing to the firm’s desire to place client’s needs first. We achieve this by developing team work, mutual respect and the skills of all personnel.

Harmony - There will be high level of trust and mutual respect amongst all team members, partners and clients. Our partners are always accessible no matter the size of our clients.

Integrity – Our ethos is based on being open and straight forward. We only give advice we believe in.

Confidentiality – We will maintain strict confidentiality with respect to all client information.

Service – The service offered by the firm will be very well defined and priced in accordance to the value they represent to the client. Quality service is not just a goal... we regard it as our responsibility.

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